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Chief Executive Officer

Wilson has been involved in the Security industry since 1989. He began his career as a security guard and worked his way up to management learning the industry’s ” ins and outs” as he progressed through the ranks. In 2001 in partnership he opened his first security company, Marumo Maepe, which to date has a formidable reputation in the industry. At the present time this company employs roughly 400 guards and holds numerous contracts throughout Gauteng.

Wilson has through his business acumen and marketing skills recently diversified his interests and registered an additional Company with the name “MOGATLADI TRADING ENTERPRISE cc” which is currently involved in trucking as a new venture. Mogatladi Trading Enterprise cc is currently running a few transport trucks and is growing rapidly.


Chief Operating Officer

Stemmer Mawela has been involved in security since 1989, when he met Wilson. They formed a close friendship and have long standing relationship based on mutual trust and respect. Stemmer was employed as the operations manager at Marumo Maepe in 2001. He brings his vast experience in security operations to the Both Best table.